The Environment Agency has decided to improve and update its digital service used by waste exporters.

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The platform that is presently available – which can be found at – helps users identify the correct classification code for waste they intend to export, along with the regulatory controls that pertain to those exports in relation to the destination country.

What is the problem?

The tool was built using a Flash application that its users need to download prior to operating. However, it has proven difficult for waste exporters to access the platform because it is not available on various modern devices. Consequently, it fails to satisfy the standards of innovative web development that businesses expect. Furthermore, the current database is difficult to update, and improvements of policies can take a considerable amount of time.

What is the solution?

Understanding the need to ensure that the digital platform is available for all waste exporters regardless of the devices they use, the Environmental Agency decided a revamp was needed. As, a professional web development company in London would tell you, having an accessible service is imperative.

The task was bestowed to Adam Wallace and Niki Wycherley, who commenced their apprenticeships with the Environmental Agency in the summer of 2017. Employing the Government Digital Service’s Toolkit, they have been busy redesigning the website with the aim of making the digital service accessible both internally and externally.

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The new platform, which is currently in its development phase, aims to make the process a lot more user-friendly than it was. First, it will have a simple front. Here, users will choose what waste they want to export and to which destination it will go. The system will then confirm what controls exporters will have to abide by and inform them how to fulfil the required obligations.

The back end has also been given a revamp. It has been redeveloped using a web form that allows agency staff to log in to either set up new database entries or revise current ones.

When will the new service be available for waste exporters?

Although the new platform is still in its alpha phase and therefore not prepared for a Service Assessment, it is hoped that it will be ready in the forthcoming weeks.