Kraków is one of the most popular cities in Poland – actually it is probably even more popular than Warsaw, the capital city. In Kraków you can be sure, you will never be bored – and it does not matter, if you are in the city just for a weekend, for a longer holiday or if you are going to live there for a couple of years. Events krakow are multiple, as well as the cultural offer of the city.

Not only sightseeing

Kraków is very popular because of the big amount of monuments, great architecture or fantastic opportunities to go sightseeing. Of course, if you are in the city for the first time, you should visit some places, such as Wawel Castle and Cathedral, you should go for lunch or a drink on the Main Square or just go for a walk along the Vistula river. These are the things every visitor should do as soon as they come to Kraków. It is however very important to remember that Kraków has a lot more to offer than sightseeing. If you are about to start studying, there is a great university, one of the oldest in Europe. You can meet a lot of interesting people in Kraków, not only if you are a student. People there are very open and if you get lost, somebody will surely help you find your way. Do you prefer to go to some events in Kraków? Not a problem, in this city there is always a lot of going on.

What can you expect

Actually, it is not easy to give an overview of events in Kraków, as you can expect literally everything. If a rock star is coming to Poland, it is very probable, they will give a concert in Kraków. The same with theatre and operas – if you are a fun and want to see some great performances, there is no way you will be disappointed by the Kraków’s offer. Also if you are looking for some free events outside, it is a great idea, to come to Kraków – you can see the Dragon’s Parade or attend great concerts at New Year’s Eve. Don’t hesitate and come to Kraków – the city has everything that you need. Even if you travel alone, don’t worry – surely you will get to know some interesting people, especially during the events there is a chance you will meet somebody who shares your interests. Are you afraid, because you don’t say a word in Polish language? Again, there is nothing to worry about, the people here are open to help you in English. The language of music or other cultural events is understandable for everyone, just enjoy!