Development of technologies and the ability to quickly move from place to place has created many business opportunities for companies around the world. Studying abroad is an integral part of the degree course in Modern Languages – and usually takes place in Year 4. Students who choose to study in France, Spain or Italy are eligible for an Erasmus and grant to help minimise the extra costs of living abroad. Set in landscaped gardens this multi-million pound home to Birmingham Business School is equipped with the latest facilities and technology to ensure your studies are inspired by their surroundings, with lectures and teaching taking place in a variety of versatile lecture theatres and breakout business

Our undergraduate business administration majors in accounting, business, and international business as well as nonprofit management minors all take a required course called the Service Leadership Project, designed to blend academic study with community service. The Bachelor’s degree programme in International Business prepares you for a management position in an international environment. The national average wage of international trade law in the United States is $ 129 440 per year, which is about $ 62.23 hours, while a lawyer who works 2080 hours a year.

Discussing foreign direct investment (FDI) of transnational corporations, Robert Pearce defines the global business environment as ‘the environment in different sovereign countries, with factors exogenous to the home environment of the organization, influencing decision making in resource use and capabilities. International business is often substantially influenced by the factors outside of business, such as social, political, cultural, global and legal environmental standards of specific countries. You will also study new insights into contemporary international management challenges.

Note that the part-time mode of study is not applicable to international students, unless you hold a relevant visa – please check with the international office. One of these modules continues the study of microeconomics undertaken at level 2, while the other introduces management science and the statistics needed for business. This Bachelor degree gives you a privileged access to the region’s key international players such as international companies, multinational corporations as well as¬†the¬†internationally oriented governmental and non-governmental organizations. You’ll spend this year in a business school in the country of your chosen businessinternational business

A person who wishes to professionally interact with international or foreign clients must face issues such as cultural differences, climate changes, language barriers, business practice variations and other possible conflicts. Nowadays, more and more companies want to spread their operations to international markets as a form for reach more profits and more market share because of the high level of competition in each economic sector. The world would be selfish and the diversity at a cultural and business level wouldn’t exist as it does today providing a world balance; diversity is important because it allows learning from others.