You are looking for a job and you want to be visible on the various job-boards or you simply want to update your skills, your CV remains your professional showcase. It should be clear and readable for recruiters whose mission is to identify the right profile that will fit the job. All of your professional information must be gathered in your resume: training, experience, skills, and former position. Discover here how to write your Curriculum Vitae successfully.

Choose the Medium of your CV before you Start Writing it

On what medium will you write your CV? On paper or in digital form? It all depends on the visibility you want to give it and how you are going to address it (depositing a CV physically with the recruiter or responding to an online advertisement). In the vast majority of cases, job-seekers put their digital CV on various job offer platforms and social networks. In this latest version, use the PDF format so that it can be opened by all recruiters. Also pay attention to the font you use on your resume.

Avoid overly Original CV Presentations

A good CV should have all the information the recruiter needs at a glance. Clarity should prevail over originality. Certain sections are essential for the recruiter to know you better, you will hardly be able to ignore them. On the contrary, some information must be erased from your CV. You can use a CV builderfor your convenience.

In general, there are two options:

  • Opting for a CV presentation by sections: it will highlight your experiences without showing the chronology of the career. The most common sections are personal presentation, background and training, professional experiences and finally your areas of interest. Do not hesitate to add a references section if you have good recommendations which are relevant to the job sought.
  • Choosing a CV presentation by skills: it will showcase your achievements during your professional career more than the title of your positions.

Personalize your CV according to the Targeted Job Offer

For this purpose, you have to give your CV an appropriate title. The easiest way to do so is to read the advertisement carefully and write down the keywords. This includes all the terms used in all the sections. From the sector of activity to the job title or the required experience via the level of studies, they must be found in the CV so that the recruiter feels that you correspond to the desired profile.