The 4th Workshop on Business Ethics brings together scholars and practitioners to discuss and develop ideas and research in the field of business ethics and corporate responsibility. The New York Times recently carried a blog post by columnist and Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman about US president-elect Donald Trump and the worries that Trump would be unable, or simply unwilling, to disentangle his business dealings from his activities as president. It seems pointless to apply reason to evaluate an action that is not the result of a reasoned decision, though ethics may castigate the neglect of considering consequences before undertaking action. A recent survey released by PopCap Games demonstrates how beliefs affect business ethics.

Compliance with an order does not usually exonerate the actor from bearing responsibility for the consequences, though it is generally considered to be a mitigating factor. They are generally an individual or organization outside of the business, whose decision to buy from the business is independent. We also engage with governments directly and indirectly through various business and industry associations.

Our performance in business ethics includes reporting on alleged violations against our Code of Ethics through our Doing What’s Right program, auditing of our anti-corruption policies, compliance with laws and regulations, public policy initiatives and political contributions. Companies that act ethically impart a sense of trust and responsibility in both local and national communities; this type of trust can often promote strong business alliances.

The Novo Nordisk Way outlines expectations for employee behaviour by stating that ‘we never compromise on quality and business ethics’ (Essential 10), which is also supported by our business ethics policy, as well as detailed procedures for how to operate. Business etiquette – are certain rules governing the work style, manner of communication between firms, the appearance of businessmen, sequence and manner of negotiating and so on. So, ethics separate, good and bad, right and wrong, fair and unfair, moral and immoral and proper and improper human action.

Business Week has an excellent analysis up on the sorry state of regulation, at least as far as protecting miners is concerned. A mere modicum of self-reflection aided by a degree of social pressure can suffice to eventually bring even the most callous to effect a corrective behavioral change. Society for Business Ethics , the main professional society for business ethicists, especially of the normative” variety.