Persons suffering from disabilities are often entitled to compensation from the Social Security Administration (SSA). Currently there is more being paid out than the amount coming in and Social Security is already dipping into their reserve funds to make its payments. There is something particularly despicable about anybody who would game the Social Security disability system, imperiling the program for people who are genuinely in need of such assistance. Experts appear at Social Security disability hearings at the request of an ALJ and are are well compensated for their services. Jim was 69 years old, retired and eligible to receive a monthly retirement check from the Social Security Administration (SSA) in the amount of $1,956. I went on a Thursday morning and was in and out with my name change in 15 minutes.

At these moments in their lives, Americans depend on in-person service from staff who have a detailed understanding of Social Security, and who can offer knowledgeable, personalized, and compassionate assistance. Step 7. The Commissioner directs the Social Security Administration to support the decision with a brief statement if skills are not transferable.

You should not publish personal data such as date of birth, social security numbers, or any other personally identifiable information. In 2010, more than 54 million Americans received approximately $712 billion in Social Security benefits. The administration of the Medicare program is a responsibility of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, but SSA offices are used for determining initial eligibility, some processing of premium payments, and for limited public contact information.

However, SSA will generally not give significant weight to depression treated by a family doctor or social worker – emphasis will always be given to the records and reports of an M.D. psychiatrist or Ph.D. psychologist. Shortly thereafter, Nancy was informed by the Social Security Association that the SSA rules do not allow Nancy to continue receiving two retirement checks!

In 1939, the Social Security Board merged into a cabinet-level Federal Security Agency, which included the SSB, the U.S. Public Health Service, the Civilian Conservation Corps, and other agencies. John and Mary lived comfortably on John’s monthly $1,850 social security retirement check. If you want to apply in person, please call and make an appointment before you visit your local office. In 1946, the SSB was renamed the Social Security Administration under President Harry S. Truman’s Reorganization Plan.